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Tom Torrey
Sheriff Robot

ITEM 1N115
  • Wild west space art by artist Tom Torrey
  • Original artwork made from found objects, candy tins, nuts and bolts, hand painted
  • Robot lawman sculpture stands just over 11" tall
  • According to the artist, this robot is the result of a string of dead lawmen filling up the local cemetery. They called for the town's greatest minds, from the blacksmith to the sheriff's deputy to create a marshal who could take a lot of punishment and slap on a lot of shackles. He was assembled by the local folk and put into service. His efforts were mostly successful until the invention of the Gatling gun. His cast iron gives him strength and protection from the elements. His sidearm and his cuffs come with him. His silver star shines bright in the noon sun. There was a lot of work on this one from production to paint.
  • Sold

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