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Here's what people say about ToyTent TrueReplica™ Boxes:
Nichols Stallion 45
The box arrived today and it is very impressive. Great work!
Louis Brody, NJ
May 2008
Space Explorer Robot
I recieved my box today. It's great! Thanks for everything.
Gil Wallace, CA
May 2008
Received the Kilgore American box today, very pleased with quality. Thanks for the super service and communication, very much appreciated.
James Babcock, NY
May 2008
Attacking Martian
Item received, EXCELLENT!
Giuseppe Calabro, Italy
May 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received the insert for the Nichols Stallion 45 & just installed it. It is extremely nice and really makes a great display piece now. Thank you very much.
Steve Major, VA
January 2008
Got my Nichols Stallion and Kilgore Long Tom boxes, came in good condition, they are awesome boxes I am very pleased.
Gerry Preston, OH
November 2007
Just a quick note to let you know that my Popeye Rowboat box has arrived, it is a true beauty.
Andre McNeil, Canada
July 2007
I meant to contact you to tell you how satisfied I was with the Popeye the Champ box. You did a great job.
Greg Peck, IL
April 2007
Got the Amos 'n Andy cards today, what beautiful artifacts (or replicas thereof)! You sure shipped them carefully, too. A true must-have accompaniment for any A&A Fresh Air Taxi!
Dixon Miller, NY
March 2007
Got the Atom Robot box and it is absolutely awesome; it completes the entire look of the display.
Gregg Vrabel, OH
February 2007
Received the Nichols Stallion 45 MKII box and it is great!!! Very authentic!!
Frank Mikolay, OH
February 2007
Got the Lehmann Climbing Monkey box yesterday, and it is great. Thanks so much.
Susan Gunnels, AR
December 2006
Hubley Texan Jr. smoking cap pistol box: An amazing work of art-WOW! A museum quality replica box is better than no box.
Edward Prendergast, IL
February 2006
The Nichols Stallion 41-40 and Mustang 500 boxes arrived this morning. Thrilled isn't the word. The word is WOW, and thank you!
Jon Strebeck, PA
February 2006
Received the Rodeo Joe box today. It was worth the wait! What a beautiful job! A real pleasure to add to my tin toy display.
Steve Freeman, NY
January 2006
Daiya Laser Robot 008: It's a great box, thanks! Great item and service!
Giovanna Trevizo, TX
January 2006
Nichols TexTan of Yoakum Stallion 45 box: Beautiful work - I'm very pleased. Thanks !!!
Steven Berkowitz, IL
December 2005
Mac 700 Motorcycle box: Thank you!!! Looks like the real thing. Great work.
Ron Zanella, RI
December 2005
Jupiter box came out great! Thanks very much. I've posted photos of it on Alphadrome to show it off to everybody. Really nice work. I really do not usually buy reproduction boxes but this fantasy box was a special situation. However after seeing the condition of the boxes you make I might just fill those few gaps in my collection with a few more of your great boxes.

December 2005
     I received the Toonerville Trolley box a couple of days ago. It's outstanding! Thanks a lot.
Steve Freeman, NY
November 2005
Gilbert James Bond Aston-Martin box and hang tag: Fantastic package! Beautiful item! AA+
Gianluca Barucca, Italy
November 2005
Mr. Mercury: Great box! The quality is fantastic! Thanks so much!
Bob Messina, IL
October 2005
Aurora Batmobile: Best repro box I have ever seen. Great value! Great box!
Patrick Whitcomb, PA
September 2005
Broderick Crawford Highway Patrol Siren Car: Even better than advertised and ships fast! A++
Jamie Martinez, FL
August 2005
Re: Schuco Clown Juggler, Schuco Motodrill, Schuco Clown Violinist
     Sehr guter und seriöser Handelspartner!!! Danke und Gruss!!
Renato Muffatti, Switzerland
July 2005
      I just received my order of three little robots and can't tell you how much I love the reproduction box you included. Just beautiful! Thanks very much!

July 2005
      The Sparkling Mike and Mechanized Robot boxes are 100 % PERFECT. THANK YOU!
Jocelyne Pilo, France
June 2005
      The Nando Robot box is perfect, very professional! Thanks.
Bruno Vadala, Italy
May 2005
      The Cragstan Mr. Robot box is excellent Thanks A+++++++++
Frank Novak, NJ
May 2005
      Great Item from great seller. A++ ASC Mystery Action Batmobile
Franc Ograjensck, Netherlands
April 2005
      The Nando Robot box lived up to this sellers wonderful reputation, can't praise more highly. AA+
John Reed, UK
April 2005
      Just received the Laser Robot 008 box today, looks great!

March 2005
      I received the Calypso Joe box today and I am very happy. Thanks.

March 2005
Re: Nando il Robot Telecommando
      Super fast turnaround and a pleasure to do business with. Great box!
Jim Stambaugh, IL
March 2005
Re: Frankenstein and Skating Chef
      Very very professional job, very good communication 200% A++ Again thanks Dan, vous avez vos 5 étoiles. La marque TrueReplica est méritée.
Patrick Trebalag, France
February 2005
      Received the TrueReplica™ Box for the Highway Patrol Siren Car. Great box - great service - recommended seller!!
Terry Duvall, IN
February 2005
      Very high quality work on the Rosko Astronaut, Marx Explorer Robot and Terra Luna boxes. Very very nice repro boxes. Thank you Dan.
Marco Zorzi, Luxembourg
February 2005
Re: Ideal 3-Color Space Gun
      A+++++ Great merchandise, quick and well packed!!
Charles Hora, PA
February 2005
      Great reproduction box for the Toonerville Trolley. Careful attention to details. A+++++
Freeman Fisher, CA
February 2005
      Just to let you know the James Bond Aston-Martin box arrived today . . the box is fantastic! I am so pleased with it and the super service you give. Many thanks and I hope to buy from you again soon.

January 2005
      Thanks, Dan. The Hopping Barney Rubble box is great!

January 2005
      Got my ASC Batmobile box and it is AWESOME!! Thanks for a great product and service!!

January 2005
      Thanks for the prompt shipment for the repro boxes. They're the best I've seen and I've seen a lot of repro and original boxes. The artwork is sharp and you even have the correct gloss (shine texture). They're even better that the ones I bought from you 4 years ago. Thanks for the discount coupon. I will be ordering more TrueReplica™ boxes from you soon.

January 2005
      Howdy Dr. Frankenbox ... another beautiful box just arrived (Terra Luna) - you are a genius -- I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy ... Thanks, it is really nice!!
Rock on ...

January 2005
      Just a quick email to say the repro Robby mechanized robot box arrived today and I must say it is very nicely done. I am extremely pleased. Also, thanks for the excellent packing and speedy delivery. All of your efforts are very much appreciated!

December 2004
      Got the Walking Knight box last week, it's great. Thanks!

October 2004
      The ASC Batmobile box arrived today and was even nicer than I expected!

October 2004
      Just a short note to let you know that I received the Mr. Galaxy box today and you were right, it is a beauty! It complements the robot perfectly. Thanks very much and I hope to do more business with you in the future.

October 2004
      Received the robot boxes today and they really look great.

August 2004
      The boxes look very nice. You did a good job!
Richard Todd, CA
July 2004
Door Robot, Radar Robot, Ratchet Robot and Winky Robot boxes
      I want to say that I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with them! I can see that a lot of hard work went into reproducing them so beautifully! I will be making more orders for more boxes very soon!

April 2004
      Hello Dan...Calypso Joe is here and a beautiful piece. What great graphics and colors. Looks original and without all the creases and bends!!

April 2004
      I just got home and opened your package. The only thing I can say is that I am overwhelmed. The Howdy Doody box is incredible! If I didn't know you made it.....
     I have to tell you that I have Howdy displayed on a marionette stand and in a sealed dome (how is that for dedication?). Now, I have to put the box in a sealed display case to boot!
     Thanks for the excellent work! I am one satisfied customer.

March 2004
      Received the Long Tom and Texan boxes. Look great.

February 2004
      I just wanted to let you know that I received the Nichols 38 Box today. All I can say is WOW!!! You did a beautiful job on this. How do you guys do this? It's really superb!!! I couldn't be happier with it and it is beyond my expectations. I will definitely refer you guys to other Nichols owners.

February 2004
      Many thanks for sending me the Mercury Space Capsule TrueReplica™ Box and also for the speedy delivery. Top marks for your excellent packing -- it arrived in perfect shape!
      The box itself can only be described as awesome. The repro quality is superb, without a single visible flaw, and it looks (and feels) perfect in every way -- right down to the staples! I would defy anyone to show me a better replica than this.
      I normally display boxes at the back of the shelf, behind the toys themselves, but this box looks so good, it'll need a place right at the front!

January 2004
      Got the Kooky Spooky Tree and Skating Chef boxes today ... safe and sound. What great reproductions. Probably are better than the originals. Very nice! Love the colors.

January 2004
      I just got the boxes unpacked, and they are awesome! I really like what you did with my original boxes, too ... you made them look almost like new.

November 2003
      Just wanted to tell you I received the package today. Love the two boxes, Lunar Spaceman and Fighting Robot. I've never seen quality like that on these boxes. I'll be ordering a couple more soon of boxes I need.

September 2003
      Received the boxes. They look great. Thanks.
Circus Parade, Cavalry Man, Clown Drummer, Clown Juggler, Terra Luna

August 2003
      Just received my Hartland Box & Authentic Tag you made for me. I just have one thing to say: Double WOW !! It's a good thing you put your printed mark on the inside otherwise it would be an Original. Really it's like Technicolor better than the real thing !!!! If anyone should have any questions of the quality of these products please feel free to have them get in touch with me. You know how they say give 110%, well I received a 110% box !!! Thanks So Much !!

June 2003
      The Happy Fiddler Clown and Hoopy the Fishing Duck boxes arrived safely, & they are fantastic! I am so impressed and very pleased. I hope you will make a ton of money for your wonderful work from my originals. Please stay in touch as I will with you, it has been a great experience knowing you through cyber space!

June 2003
      I'm a professional artist. I'm also a toy collector. Recently, I loaned Dan some of my original boxes to be reproduced for his line of Repros. He provided me with a sample repro to compare to an original. It was incredible, to say the least. Dan had told me his copies were better than the originals. He did not exaggerate. The color was clean, clear, bright and true. I spent ten years as an artist for Hallmark Cards. I learned about quality and producing the "very best". Dan produces the very best!

June 2003
Re: Space Patrol Rocket Lite
      I had no idea you planned to build the outer box. This is absolutely spectacular work. It's so good that if someone didn't know how to look at computer generated images very closely, it couldn't be distinguished from the original. I can tell, but only one person in a thousand could.

May 2003
      Just wanted to let you know that I received the James Bond Aston Martin box today, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a nice product! And the hang tag is a really neat extra. I am totally delighted with both the product and the ultra-fast service, so THANK YOU very much for both. I certainly look forward to doing business with you in the future!

March 2003
      Thank you for the Mighty Kong box. Seeing this box again took me back to my child years. The Christmas I got this toy it was a good one, everyone had a good one, the smell of a real tree and fresh apples, oranges, pies and cakes, well it was something I will never will forget, again thank you for the box It looks GREAT. A GOOD JOB ON THE COLOR.

February 2003
      We are VERY happy with the NANDO box, thank you very much.

February 2003
      I got the Mr. Robot and Atom Robot boxes and they are great. I have finally found someone I can buy these from!!!!

January 2003
      I received the nice reproduction boxes today in the mail, Arnold Mac 700 Motorcycle & Schuco Sonny Mouse. Great items! These are very fine copies! Boxes were really very well packed! I expected them to arrive flat, but am glad they are already assembled. Again, very nice service. I am sure I will order More in the future!

January 2003
      I just wanted to thank you for the great Highway Patrol box I ordered from you. I received it yesterday and gave it as a gift and the person I gave it to loves it! He actually has the car that came in the original box, so he was pretty excited to receive it. Thanks again, it's great!

December 2002
      Dan, received the Marx Old Jalopy box today, beautiful job and thanks again. Will be ordering more later!

December 2002
      Just received the second Marx Frankenstein box, very nice. Thank you very much for these two boxes I thought I would never find them.

November 2002
RE: Marx Rex Mars Planet Patrol Pistol
it just came today.
beautiful....very good work.
You will be hearing from me again.

November 2002
      I received the Atom Robot box today. It's great ! ! ! It displays super with my newly purchased Atom Robot! I will be purchasing several more Robot boxes soon. Thanks for a super box deal.

August 2002
      I got the Hubley Atomic Disintegrator box today. As usual your work is beyond terrific. This one will go beside the other box I bought from you a year or so ago. It's great to see someone with your talent interested in a hobby that is loved by so many. Keep up the good work!

June 2002
Re: Robot ST-1
Terrific! Great job! I am completely satisfied! Pleasure doing business with you.

May 2002
      Have got the Marx Batmobile and Broderick Crawford Highway Patrol boxes and they are fantastic. Many thanks.

March 2002
      Re: Toonerville Trolley box
Thank you, Dan, got it and it was perfect. It's now next to my trolley! Great pair.

November 2001
      I received your replica ROCKETMAN box. NICE JOB!!! The ROCKETMAN is one of the best replica's I've seen. Although I try to stay away from reproductions, this is really nice to have. Thanks for the repro GREAT ASTRONAUT bottom as well!

October 2001
      I received the Circus Cyclist box in excellent condition (you pack as carefully as I d). I'm really not into repro's of anything but I believe some play an important role and was very glad to see your marking inside, I think you have one other box that I'm missing and will certainly consider buying that in the near future. Thanks for an all around good job.

September 2001
      Re: Marx Frankenstein repro box.
Absolutely beautiful! Man you are talented! Couldn't be happier, wish I could leave feedback! THANKS :-)

August 2001
      I have to say you do the best repro boxes on the market- I have tried most of them- they really are beautiful in their own right.

July 2001
      Re: Ideal 3-color Ray Gun repro box.
Yes, I received the gun back with an unexpected VERY NICE surprise. You do some GREAT work ! It makes the gun look so much better. Thanks!!!
Mark Bergin
July 2001
      I've been collecting Space and tin toys for many years, and these are some of the nicest repro-boxes I've seen, as good as any and better than most! The attention to detail is excellent, with no visible flaws. Most repro-boxes look like photocopies, flaws and all, these look like originals!

May 2001
      Just wanted to thank you for the order that arrived safely...the Mechanized Robot boxes are works of art. Thanks for packing everything so well. Maximum respect to you both!

June 2000
      Received the repro Champ Skaters box and am very impressed, it is scary how something old can be reproduced so well. Good luck with them and I sure hope everyone stamps the inside as you have, without a lamp you can not tell the difference.

April 2000
      The boxes arrived safe and sound, thanks to an excellent job of packing them. The boxes are VERY nice, and I will recommend your work to others.

March 2000
      Received the Ratchet Robot box today, very nice repro !!! Thank You !

March 2000
      I am a graphic designer as well as an avid collector of space toys, and I have just recently purchased one of Toy Tents repro boxes - Irwin's Man from Mars. The box is very high quality and looks exactly like the original, minus the mildew smell, rips and tears. You would not go wrong in purchasing this box to complete your collection.

February 2000
      I received the Frankenstein box and it is fantastic!! I have seen pictures of the original and this is dead on. Beautiful job. I can see how some people couldn't distinguish this from the original. Thanks!

February 2000
      Thanks Dan for the GREAT repro box of the James Bond 007 Aston Martin, I have a genuine toy and box and it is an excellent copy of the original along with a tie-on 007 tag and is extra enhanced with a stamp letting you know that it is a copy, Thanks!

February 2000
      I have a near mint Hubley Disintegrator gun and I won your repro box on Ebay. What a great looking box. Really compliments the gun. Nice job, really professional.

February 2000
      ...beautiful Gilbert Aston Martin repro box AND hang tag. No need to look for one MIB anymore, awesome,awesome, awesome!!!!

February 2000
      I received the Batmobile box and thanks allot, much more cost effective for someone who just wants a display item. Thanks again.

February 2000
      Recently I had four, fifty year old, original capgun boxes reproduced by ToyTent. I could not believe how great they turned out. Even the aging of the box was visible. Great professional workmanship!

January 2000
      I am a writer who has recently worked with Sara Karloff, daughter of movie legend Boris Karloff, on the sequel to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the publishing division of VIACOM. Needless to say, I am an avid collector of Frankenstein memorabilia. I recently purchased one of Dan Dozier's reproduction boxes for my original Marx Bros. battery operated Frankenstein. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! If you are a collector who demands the finest in artwork and graphics I would highly recommend Dozier Designs.

December 1999
      I own a Nando robot with the original box, but did not want to display the box as I am afraid it will discolor. Knowing Dan as a very professional designer of graphic arts I asked him if he could make a repro of the original box. When he returned the original and two repro boxes I had a problem: it was almost impossible to tell what the original was! Dan's repro's are not just repro's: they are small pieces of art!

September 1999
      As a serious collector of vintage tin toys I pride myself in displaying my most prized pieces. Many of my these are boxed and although the original box can really enhance the display I was concerned about damaging some of my rarer boxes, some of which were already damaged. Luckily I had purchased a rare tin space tank from Dan and when I got it I was flabbergasted by the quality of the reproduction box it came in.
     I asked Dan how he did it and he explained that his profession is graphic arts and that his reproduction boxes are made, not simply by color copying which gives you a repro box no better than the original, but by scanning original box art into a computer, digitally eliminating any flaws and filling in any missing art, and then ink jet printing the finished graphics onto high quality stock. Dan then skillfully fashions the printed graphics into a finished box using materials which are true to the original composition.
     I have been so impressed with Dan's work that I have sent him all of my original boxes to be reproduced. They have all come back to me just as I sent them with the exception that I now have these incredible boxes which I can freely handle and display while my originals are stored away for safe keeping.
     I have purchased repro boxes from other sources and have even sent some of them to Dan to redo at a higher level of quality. I swear that if they didn't have his identifying mark on the underside I would have sworn they were the real deal.
     If you are a serious collector and want a serious repro box for a fair price I highly recommend Dan Dozier.

September 1999
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