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Lido Spaceport
Futuremen with Space Helmets

ITEM 3900

  • Lido Futuremen Spaceport boxed set of figures with helmets

  • This set includes original vintage Lido spacemen and robot in our professionally made museum quality ToyTent TrueReplica™ Box

  • The box has an elaborate Spaceport stand-out, an insert to hold the original complement of figures, and artwork on the box bottom for a cut-and-fold standing display

  • We are including large and small figures as in the original boxed set plus! a replica cut-out display

  • You get all 11 figures shown!

  • Helmets are included for large and small spacemen

  • Total 7 large 4-inch figures and 4 small 2.5-inch figures with display box and insert plus an additional assembled diorama (cut out from a different box -- you receive a complete box)

  • Lido Plastics USA

  • Sold

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