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Buck Rogers XZ-34 Helmet & Vest
with Whistle Badge and Atomic Disintegrator

ITEM 3833

  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century vintage outfit includes:

    • Daisy XZ-34 leather helmet with embossed metal visor and metal rimmed goggles 1935

    • 1934 Buck Rogers play suit knit vest with leather emblem

    • Spaceship Commander Buck Rogers Solar Scouts silvered brass badge is a 1936 Cream of Wheat & newspaper premium with metallic blue accent paint, with hole at bottom to serve as whistle

  • Set is in fine condition assembled for display on child size mannequin bust (included)

  • Plus! Collector's Edition Buck Rogers Gold Atomic Disintegrator complete boxed set number 683 of 1000

  • USD $2,100 plus S&H
  • Please allow $95 for large item shipping in the USA

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