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Dan Dare Pocket Watch
ITEM 30087

  • Dan Dare pocket watch in custom display box with watch fob and badge

  • Fine quality Ingersoll automation watch is in excellent working condition with moving pistol and turning rocket second counter ... SEE MOVIE!

  • Pocket watch has great Dan Dare space fantasy graphic on face and Eagle trademark etched on the back

  • Ingersoll produced two different versions of this pocket watch, commissioned by Eagle. The first version met with disapproval because the wording "Ingersoll" was more prominent than the words "Dan Dare". This second production version has the word "Ingersoll" removed and "Dan Dare" larger.

  • Original vintage Ingersoll watch is presented in our professionally made museum quality ToyTent TrueReplica™ Box with gold insert and secret decoder dial

  • Set also includes a Dan Dare enameled metal badge and lapel pin

  • Sold

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