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Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Gun dart pistol Jet Ace Cap Pistol Palmer Plastic space gun with replica card holster and belt

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Space Toys Robots Ray Guns Games and puzzles
Battery Toys Wind-up Toys Character toys Wild West Toys
Transportation Toys Novelty Toys Toy Parts TrueReplica Boxes
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At we have over 20 years experience buying, selling and collecting vintage toys from around the world. Explore our collection of wind-up toys, battery operated toys, robots, ray guns, space toys, vehicles, military toys, cap guns, cowboy collectibles, puzzles, games and more. We are the makers of TOYTENT TrueReplica Boxes. See our one-of-a-kind creations, too!

About our featured items
February 6, 2023

The Spaceman's Super Atomic Ray Pistol clicker dart gun is made by Tudor Rose in England and comes with three original darts and TrueReplica packaging. The Jet Ace Repeater space cap pistol is made by Palmer Plastics and is offered here with child-size belt and TrueReplica card / holster.

Previously featured items

Start saving today with this fine condition Popeye Daily Dime register coin bank from 1956. Our Popeye Spinach Express rubber band race car is a fast and fun custom Popeye collectible. This Popeye the Sailor Man Pocket Watch -- is a dime store toy, hands can be set but does not keep real time -- but you'll look the real gent with it in pocket!

Walt Disney's mechanical Pinocchio walking wind-up is in fine working condition, made in Japan by Marx Linemar Division. This rare blonde version of the J. Chein mechanical Drumming Soldier keeps a lively beat and is in fine working condition. Trying his best with an Obstinate Donkey, this circus clown tugs his tail as they go around and around.

This 1990s limited edition Atomic Robot Man is an iconic walking wind-up robot, with box and certificate of authenticity, an older Schylling toy. Vintage kid-style body art from the 1950s, these Atomic-Era Tatoos -- are a dime store novelty from back in the day. Keep the space invaders at bay with this big Tommy-Z Space Gun made in Hong Kong. Remco's big Monkey Division Grenade Rifle fires grenade darts and comes with an Okinawa Squad Cap. For the lady shooter here's the Diamond Lil Dynamite Derringer with lacy clip and Mae West brass compass. There was one Napoleon, one George Washington, one Dick Tracy -- and here's his signature repeating cap pistol to prove it.

Ready, aim, ping! Thomas Toys 'Tomik Six Shooter brings the thrill of the atomic age to the classic fun of a rubber band ray gun. Save up for space adventure with the Empire Plastics Sky Cadets Rocket Bank -- here in fine working condition on card. Miniature Space Rocket Cap Rifles put a little bang in the holiday fun. Martian Finks are invading -- get one for yourself! Gum ball charm ring with easel backed display card.

From Germany here is the friction powered tin toy Apollo Flying Saucer with beautiful space illustration. Schylling's Chromo the Space Dog is a charming mechanical robot dog with jiggle eyes and sparks, with nice presentation box. Mesmerized by robots? Here's a contemporary retro-style Robot with Spinning Wheels with hypnotic action that makes a fun addition to any space toy collection. The Mini Robo Tank TR-2 battery operated robot tank made by Nomura has lighted guns and fast moving mystery action.

The Beatles Soundwagen is a portable record playing Volkswagen Bus -- here with Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band picture disk album. Test your skill with the Tarco magnetic powered Rocket Satellite Action Game -- it feautres great graphics, a great box and a pioneering toy concept. From Spain, the Pery Nauta Metralleta Espacial is a big space rifle for the junior space conqueror, here in original box. Hey kids, here's a complete set of plastic Howdy Doody Tee-Vee Show puppets with Howdy, Clarabell the Clown, Mister Bluster, Princess Summerfall Winterspring and Dilly Dally, presented in a nice TrueReplica Box. Ideal Toy Mr. Rrembrandt Robot Artist is a mechanical marvel -- complete boxed set. This battery operated custom Giant Sonic Robot is made and signed by John Rigg, offered with our TrueReplica™ Box Ready for space travel? Here's the Kolynos Space Man from Mars in his Supersonic Rocket with Zing Zong Code -- this mulit-purpose space kit was an advertising premium offered by Kolynos toothpaste in the 1950s.

Feeling nostalgic? Here's a set of Howdy Doody Christmas Cards featuring favorite characters from the Buffalo Bob TV show, along with a string-pull cardboard puppet and two tickets to the Peanut Gallery! Christmas comes but once a year. Our Christmas Cootie Coin Bank and ornament set is just the ticket to make your bright and start again for next year! This charming Alps Japan wind-up Santa Claus Ringing Bell brightens the season, here with original box. Joy comes in bright packages, and our gift-giving Circus Clown Ornament celebrates the fun.

Our Mystery Moon Man Robot with TrueReplica Box is a one-of-a-kind custom made contemporary skirted robot. The Ring Ding Space Ship Gum Ball Vender makes a festive and nostalgic display -- here complete with key and fine condition decals. Here's a Pyrotomic-styleReciprocating Rifle in good working condition -- I believe this one originates from Argentina. Here's Round-up Tex the Whirling Cowboy by Irwin Plastics -- see him twirl his lariat! The tin windup Gescha Bob-Boy on Snow Sled from Germany is ready for the season. Let's hope you are too!

The Universe Reconnaisance Boat is an early space toy from China with pilot in rotating cockpit, flashing lights and bump-n-go action.

Here's a fun contemporary Gyroscope with a Stevens Pixie TrueReplica Box. Keeping up with the times, this Betty Boop Fossil pocket watch comes with an eye-catching porcelain vanity stand. Here's a good bet -- Popeye's Lucky Jeep Spinner Game -- answers questions, picks winners! Complete in original box from 1936.

All aboard! Marx 1937 Honeymoon Express Streamliner train on circular track with Glendale station is a Louis Marx classic. Here with TrueReplica™ Box The Technofix Atomic Train of the Future features a sparkling engine that pulls two passenger cars on circular track.

The battery operated Nomura Robot Tractor has visible lighted pistons and forward/reverse action. This one pulls a Wyandotte Flash Strat-O-Wagon with paper candy robot in tow. The fearsome Cryptosporidium Alien is Wacky Wobbler from the ever-inventive Funko

The battery operated Space Flash MoonTrek Gun is sure to come in handy as you and a pal patrol the galaxy. Here are two versions each in wonderfully illustrated original box. Who doesn't need to sock a comet from time to time. Our replica Buck Rogers Comet Socker paddle ball toy will entertain a junior spaceman for hours. The Junior U.S. Marshall Flippo Flashlight has a pretend "firing" action -- gun lights up when flashlight is on ... and a neat metal cowboy pistol keychain charm. For the earth bound adventurer Transogram's Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion adventure game features Legionaires and Tribesman, a table top classic.

Defend the galaxy anywhere you go with this ToyTent exclusive Magnetic Space Wars novelty toy in pocket-size box.

It's good to sparkle -- and here are a variety of toys that demonstrate just that. This early 20th century hand held Boy Sparkler made by Ronson has spooky green eyes make for lots of Halloween party fun. Meet the robot Sparkle Squad -- set of three plastic walking wind-up toy made in Hong Kong. Sparks fly from their mouths!

What's in Chucky's Locker? OOAK display includes Chucky, Freddy Kruger and Frankenstein posable figures.

Standing tall is the Wolverine Drum Major No. 27 -- a fine example of American-made toy design.

Feel the beat with the walking, dancing Bot X Robot this contemporary robot dates to the turn of the millenium.

All wound up? Let loose with Bimbo Circus Car -- a wildly entertining tin wind-up toy made in Germany by Biller.

Soup of the day is out of this world at the Lunar Restaurant

For paper popping fun here are two vintage advertising premiums -- an Esso Space Gun and Sips New Dairy Space Helmet mask.

Magneto Toy Magic Musicians are charming magnet toys -- this set has a twirling girl and mandolin player.

Sky Chief Fire Robot to the rescue! This is a one-of-a-kind robot fire fighter with custom box.

Toys of the past are curious things. Here are featured a very old hand-held Magician Sparker -- a whimsical toy from days gone by, made in Germany. And from France, the 1910 L'Autopatte Fruit Vendor mechanical toy has a wonderful figure-8 action -- a very rare, very old toy still in fine working condition.

Trendmasters 2-foot tall remote control Lost in Space Robot has great action and speaks phrases from the TV show. This one is complete with original box and in excellent working condition. Keep sharp with this pair of Robot Pencil Sharpeners -- each with key, or use the sharpening function to wind them! The Hula Hoop Monkey made in Japan under the Plaything brand is just pure fun. This playful monkey comes with original box.

Here's the Ideal Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine complete with 2 torpedos -- fine condition and still fires! From 1947 the Captain Midnight Decoder Whistle comes with code book manual, an Ovaltine mail-away premium.

From England, here's a super Space Patrol Walkie Talkie set is complete with 2 fine condition handsets, sonic cable and beautifully illustrated original box. J & L Randall / Merit.

Royal Desserts' Princess Summerfall Winterspring paper mask will bring a smile to your face and the whole peanut gallery, too. A Howdy Doody theme adverstising premium in excellent condition with original glacine sleeve.

The Merit Dan Dare Radio Station is a character based variation of the Remco Radio Station produced for the UK market. This set is complete in original box.

Popeye's pal J. Wellington Wimpy first appeared in The Thimble Theatre comic strip by E.C. Segar in 1931. Here with Wimpy is Popeye's pet Eugene the Jeep and his magic crate. A Walt Disney favorite, Mickey Mouse Unicyclist is a highlight of the unicycle toys made in Japan by T.P.S.

Mama Kangaroo with Playful Baby is a fine example of the charm and whimsy of Tokyo Playthings (TPS) toy designs. Educational Pet Pooch entertains and teaches, and encourages a bit of showmanship at the same time. Pinky Racer mechanical race car with monkey driver is a fun vintage wind-up made in Japan by Sanei. Here with original box.

One-of-a-kind GI Joe Astronaut Space Walk scene with vintage Jud Arnold molded plastic spacescape hangs on the wall for space theme decor. This Tin Age Collection of miniature diecast robots come with a custom made display case. Our custom Robot Dream Car has a stylized Mattel space car with Japan made robot driver.

Before video games, kids still played at being soldiers -- even outdoors some times! Thomas Toys Bomb-A-Ship playset includes a bomber plane, pretend bomb and exploding battleship. The Marx camouflage Cap Firing Tank is a battery operated war toy, here with original box. Bang! The dapper Charlie McCarthy Gentleman Ventriloquist is an early celluloid toy made in Japan, here with original box.

This nice metal Green Hornet signet ring comes with an attractive presentation box and mini movie poster. Darth Vader, R2D2 and C-3PO Star Wars Rings from 1977 can be yours in their original presentation box from Twentieth Century Fox.

Modern Toys Santa Claus on Scooter with flashing lights and ringing bell is ready to make the season bright. Masudaya toy in fine working condition with original box. For deluxe space age transport look no further than this Space Helicopter with double rotors, flashing lights and pop-open doors.

The Kuramochi Circus Clown is a clever performer with spinning juggling box balanced on his nose. Welcome intergalactic visitors! See smiling Martian faces with the Stevens Space Orb Kaleidoscope. Get acquainted with the Horikawa Gear Robot with visible gears and sparks in helmet marches boldly into space -- early Gear Robot has the interesting feature of the winding key in the arm.

Funko's Metropolis Maria robot makes a fine Wacky Wobbler, here in complete original packaging.

This T.P.S. World Champion Grand Prix race car set on track has a unique action -- turning the crank creates a vibration that sends the two race cars around the track -- a novel toy design.

Explore the universe! The Interkozmosz Space Car with floating satellite is a battery operated tin spaceship made in Hungary, here with original box. Tom Corbett Space Cadet Field Glasses -- are real 3-power sport binoculars from Herod Mfg. 1950s

Buck Rogers is an enduring favorite for space fantasy enthusiasts.This set, with mannequin included, represents a space outfit of the 1930s with Daisy XZ-34 leather helmet, metal rimmed goggles, Buck Rogers knit vest with leather emblem, and Solar Scouts silvered brass badge (a 1936 Cream of Wheat cereal premium). A contemporary limited edition Buck Rogers Gold Atomic Disintegrator by GoHero carries the adventure to the modern day.

Alien invasion is the theme of the day with 2 model kits to build and display -- Flying Saucer with alien pilot is a Glencoe model kit in replica Lindberg box. Set also includes an F-94C Starfire pursuit plane model kit and easel-backed display poster.

You'll be coming up in the world with Jonny the Climbing Sailor in your collection. He's a charming string climbing Navy man made in Germany by Lehmann Toy -- here with original box.

The Archer Auto Carrier play set includes carrier with ramp and four Archer cars. Original vintage toys offered here with our TrueReplica™ Box with showroom / service station insert. A fine nostalgic collectible. Futurists will want a look at our one-of-a-kind Zylmex Robot Puzzle Race Car oversize take-apart puzzle car with metal robot driver.

This 1942 paper punch-out Make Your Own Battle Set with a supply of green army men for hours of military strategy and hands-on fun.

Our industrious mechanical Space Farmer is ready for Spring in a galaxy near you! Keep your skills sharp with this set of Buck Rogers dexterity puzzles featuring Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering and Mekkano Man robot

The 12-combination Super Robot astronaut with funny action is a mechanical shape-shifter of the future. Complete in original box. This Ideal Toy Satellite Launcher space vehicle is complete with propeller disk satellites and original box and is in fine working condition.

Back in the day, one thin dime meant flying high -- here's a dime store Flying Toy Space Rocket Parachute with original bag and header card.

The Apex Novelty tin toy Dandy Banker coin bank from the 1940s grows tall as you save your coins. Schuco's Juggling Clown is a circus classic, here in fine working condition with original box. For some old-timey fun, listen along with the Mercury Childcraft Rocket to the Moon This set includes the vinyl record album in fine condition with the original sleeve framed for display -- with a CD copy of the recording.

Porky Pig Magnetic Pick-up Stix is a rare and unusual party game from the aptly named Novel Novelties Company of New York. Zip-Top is a tabletop bowling theme skill game played with spinning top and wooden pins, from the De Luxe Game Corp. 1940.

This Merry-Go-Round mechanical toy made in India dates to the 1990s and is based on an earlier Japan-made toy. Happy times are at hand with the wind-up Laughing Clown circus toy made by Kohler GnK Germany.

Sailors and landlubbers alike will take a shine to this Bantamlite Popeye Whistling Flashlight with lanyard. Bobble head Felix the Cat desk set starts the day with animated alarm clock. Keep a date with this unique Betty Boop desk set with 3-Dimensional figural calendar and art deco style alarm clock with base.

The groovy Naughty Bug bump-n-go Volkswagen Beetle was the new sign of the times when it came on the market in the 1970s. Frankie the Roller Skating Monkeyis a barrel of laughs -- this one works great with replacement controller. Check out the movie to see him go!

Military toys were popular with mid-century boys and girls. Today we feature Thomas Mfg. toy is Exploding Battleship Play Set with bomber plane, "atom bomb" and spring- activated blast-apart ship. Ideal Toy's Torpedo Firing Submarine comes with two play torpedos that actually fire.

Explore new worlds and exploit their resources with the nimble Lunar Explorer Moon Car 12 space vehicle made in China.

Here comes the wind-up Popeye Steamroller ... look out Bluto!

The Horikawa Super Robot with Lighted Eyes has rotating body and rat-a-tat lighted guns when chest doors fly open!

Tumbling Jocko the circus chimp wears a smart suit and bow tie as he performs his act. Colorful Circus Elephant with Monkey Rider balances a spinning globe -- what a world of fun!

Screamin' Mars Attacks Terror in the Sky Model Kit is a sci fi classic here in sealed box. You can practice your own skill at launching and landing the Rocket to the Moon with this vintage dimestore paddle game in original bag with header card.

Sambo the Minstrel Man is an early wind-up toy made in Japan -- musical monkey guitarist strums and rocks his head side to side. Very charming. Our Lucky Lindy Candy Air Mail replica box is an authentic likeness of the 1928 American Novelty Candy Co. creation -- here with fresh new ginger candies.

Two Space Paratrooper Hong Kong space men ready for action -- together on card. Park Plastics Satellite Space Gun launches an alien pilot into space.

The Automatic Toy Co. Space Shooting Target Range is complete and in working condition ... can you shoot down the rocket ships as they fly by?

The mechanical Popeye & Olive Oyl Jiggers is an early tin toy made by Louis Marx & Co. in 1932. Wonderfully lithographed toy features Popeye dancing on the roof with Olive Oyl holding an accordion. In this version Olive Oyl is seated on a Spinach crate.

Leader Toy Boxing Robot has lever activated fists and a pop-up head.

Signal cool with these Flash Gordon sunglasses that come with a a glasses case embossed with fantastic space scenes. From Germany, the mechanical Puss in Boots is a charming tin toy inspired by the classic fairy tale, here with original illustrated box. A big top favorite, the Circus Monkey on Unicycle made in Germany by Kohler GnK is in fine working condition with parasol and beautifully illustrated box.

This Smoking Spaceman Robot is a fine quality contemporary reproduction in strong working condition with big puffs of smoke. We've paired it with our TrueReplica Box featuring the fantastic Marx Linemar artwork.

Behold the Masudaya Metropolis Maria Robot model on stand with custom plasma light -- dystopia electrified.

Here's an early Yonezawa celluloid boy on Circus Tricycle with mechanical trike in original box.

Mego wind-up walking Captain Astro space man robot is ready for adventures in space, here with original box. The Hong Kong Flash Gordon Space Gun is a light beam signal gun that shines red, white or blue. Masudaya's tin friction Space Tank S-100 is a gem of space vehicle, just 4 inches long!

Holy lost childhood, Batman! It's not too late to get yours back. Here's a complete Ideal Batman Utility Belt crime fighting set with beautiful reproduction box and an Ideal Batman Cape & Helmet with original box!

Popeye the Rioter is an early celluloid wind-up, an unlicensed version of the popular Thimble Theatre sailor man.

Winter's here! If you're hankering to flip, the Acrobat Skier is great entertainment -- made in Japan by Hiro Toy. Going places in style, here's the Jetsons Family Spaceship with talking Rosie the Robot Maid.

German made Quick Stepp Dancing Duck is a dapper dancer with parasol. Tony the Clown vintage circus theme thumb toy comes to us from France, with original box. Space Paratroop spacemen with parachutes command the skies. Here are two vintage astronaut figures on card.

This curious Snow Man Jigger has a wry outlook on the season.

Our one-of-a-kind walking wind-up Mine Seeker Robot has a bright lighted-eye head and custom box. Got a secret? Popeye has a secret stash can stand with lots of accessories stowed inside!

The Lost in Space television series captured imaginations all around the world. The Greek version Lost in Space board game has custom miniature robot playing pieces -- 5 games in one!

Our one-of-a-kind Very Heavy Metal Robot Drummer is bringing down the house. Rock on, baby! This Lighted Space Bulldozer with Xylmex astronaut operator transports a TPS chrome mini walking robot -- hard at work on the dark side of the moon.

Pleasant Kappa is one of the most unusual toys made in the heydey of battery operated tin toys. Made in Japan by Asakusa Toys & Dolls Co. ATD this curious laughing river monster will bring you a clear head of thought. Pedro the Poodle is a well-mannered magnetic pooch who thrills to your command. Magneto's Race Car with controller lets you in on the racing fun.

Nostalgic for animation favorites from the past? Check out this Mattel Classic TV Series Batman & Robin Batmobile with posable figures. Light your way to fun with a vintage metal Batman Flashlight!

This Schuco Micro Racers set includes a Lilliput Mercedes, Volkswagen Beetle, and Microbus carrier with store display stand. The

This rare Magnetic Orbiting Satellite toy made in Japan also dates to 1950s. The lighted satellite circles the tin globe of the Earth with rockets chasing after.

This Popeye S.S. Spinacher target board has great classic cartoon scenes -- here it is with a a beautiful Wyandotte tin litho dart pistol in original box. Are you prepared for monsters from the id? With this Forbidden Planet Blaster Pistol resin model kit you can build your own. A miniature Robby the Robot Charm Ring is a great way to keep the memory of the Krell civilization close at hand.

From Germany, Rex the Reckoning Dog is a mechanical mathematics champ. Here with original box.

Marx Toys teamed up with Life Savers candy in the 1950s to produce this Lifesavers Candy Delivery Truck.

Be ready for space adventure -- this Space Cap Pistol made in Hong Kong comes with a supply of loud vintage caps.

Hit the road with a Dime Store Dreams Station Wagon with camper and canoe and a vintage Yellowstone National Park bear souvenir.

Evolution Time Co. Robotime Watch has a Metropolis-inspired flip-up robot and comes with Robotech tin case.

Also from TPS the mechanical Busy Choo Choo is a tin toy train on track with continuous action, here with original box, made in Japan 1967.

Conquer the universe with a pair of Aqua Pilots translucent space water pistols -- each with alien crew visible inside. Going into space, ladies? Mattel's 1994 Astronaut Barbie shows us how we can get the job done and still look our best! The blue Moon Explorer Robot is a contemporary reissue with our TrueReplica™ Box featuring the original Yoshiya graphics.

The tin friction Milky Way Boat is a great sparkling space ship with pilot.

Here we offer a modern version of the Testujin Conehead Robot with our TrueReplica Box using the original graphics -- great for display. From the miniature T-28 series here are three miniature scenes with Tetsujin Gigantor Jimmy Sparks & the Inspector

Imagine ourselves on the Forbidden Planet! Trendmasters remote control Robby the Robot is complete with blaster pistol. Walks, turns at waist, and speaks famous phrases from the movie Forbidden Planet. Our Robby the Robot Krell Blaster display features miniature ray gun in crystal style case.

Are we long for this world? Gort robot with custom display stand as seen in the science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still ... science fiction or science fact? What if it were true?

Feeling nostalgic for the good old days? Our LSU Football Championship tributeTiger Target Game is a vintage Eldon mechanical toy with college football banner. Go Tigers!

Today we enjoy fun with pop culture favorites! Here's the Mickey Mouse & Pluto eccentric scooter wind-up toy with key. Popeye & Pals Pins with Olive Oyl and Bluto -- some pals!

Our one-of-a-kind Robot Fighter Pilot Atomic Jet Plane features a 195s American Plastic Toys wheeled plane with robot pilot and space age weaponry.

Robert the Robot on Mechanical Bulldozer is a rare space farmer toy inspired by the very popular Robert the Robot talking remote control space toy Ideal introduced in the early 1950s. The bulldozer tractor robot uses the same ray-gun style crank-wind remote control as the earlier robot. Ideal Toy Company began in 1903 with the invention of the Teddy Bear and continued to produce fabulously fun toys with mid-century favorites such as Mr. Machine, the Astrobase playset, Zeroid robots, 3-color space ray gun, torpedo firing subamrines and the fantastic Ideal Futuramic Ship.

Ring in the New Year with this carnival prize New Year Baby Night on the Town celluloid figurine with miniature liquor bottles.

This Masudaya miniature wind-up R-35 Antique Robot was made in 1984 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original tin toy robot.

A space man's kit is truly complete with this sparkling tin friction sparkling Space Pistol made in Japan by TS.

The skies are busy this time of year! Our Spirit of Christmas Santa Robot is a one-of-a-kind miniature model pedal car biplane holiday collectible. Model enthusiasts and UFO observers will enjoy this Lindberg Flying Saucer kit with custom made box featuring the original Glencoe graphics -- an F-94C Starfire pursuit plane kit comes with it!

A quiet evening with a good book and a smoke fits the bill for this set of Smoking Fez Monkeys with novelty self-smoking cigarettes. I wonder what they're reading?

Time to wax your skis! Here's El Greco'sTpaka Tpoukas Ski Chalet complete play set.

From the Paya Hermanos historical collection comes the big 12-inch Motorcycle Rider with Sidecar mechanical toy with passenger tooting his horn. Here's a contemporary limite edition Mechanical Walking Space Man robot with our TrueReplica™ Box

College daze Wind-up Tiger is all in for Clemson. Go team!

This custom Ultraman Ray Gun with compass is a 3D printed prop pistol and comes with posable robot figure.

Stanzel's Astro Jack flying space boy with Lunar Bug moon craft is a 1960s play set operated by hand -- this set is complete with original box and store display.

With USA Lite's Tom Corbett Space Cadet Rocket Lite Pins the whole class is ready to light the way on any space adventure -- here's a full set with working bulbs on original store card.

Comic strip cowboy Red Ryder gained a new generation of fans after the 1983 movie A Christmas Story featured a fantasy version of the Daisy Red Ryder Carbine with sundial and compass.

1960s Saturday morning cartoon fans love this Jetsons Family Spaceship with talking Rosie the Robot Maid.

Summer is here and our OOAK Robot Speed Boat featuring vintage Japan tin toy boat with robot driver and passenger is ready for the season.

Our custom-made Buck Rogers Rocket Mobile is a great display piece with Buck Rogers and girlfriend Wilma Deering zooming through space!

Doodles Memo Bots Robot Family Desk Set is staying at home together -- mom and pop robot and astro dog.

Scared yet? The Mummy movie monster collection includes figurines with shrines and a set of Topps Universal Studios cards.

In the whimsical world of celluloid toys we feature a carnival toy bobbing head Polar Bear with Native Rider

In the 1980s this set of Popeye Erasers entertained school kids with Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea figures.

This pair of miniature walking wind-up Smoking Robot pals are contemporary collectible classics.

The wonderful world of animation jumped from the printed page to create a wealth of toys and collectibles with nostalgic appeal to this very day. In the heydey of Popeye popularity it was a lucky kid who went back to school with a Popeye Pencil Box, crayons, paints and printing kit -- perfect for the aspiring cartoonist. The print set includes rubber stamps featuring Popeye, Wimpy, Olive Oyl and Toar, Popeye's enemy-turned-ally who first appeared in 1935.

Our walking wind-up Gort Robot comes with posable Klaatu figure and custom display stand. Our Baby Robot Bumper Car is a one-of-a-kind creation.

It won't be long until Christmas time! Alps Japan Santa Claus with ringing bell is a cheerful 1960s toy.

The magnetic Kissy Rats are a novelty twist on true love that lasts the ages.

Louis Marx & Co. incorporated in 1919 with offices at 200 Fifth Ave., New York. Marx toys were produced at facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania, with additional toy factories established in the 1930s in Girard, Pennsylvania and Glendale, West Virigina. Following World War II Marx opened factories around the world, first in England, then in France, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Germany. The company had it's best success with international manufacturing in Japan.

One-of-a-kind Metropolis Tiger Tank with Maria robot pilot has lighted bump and go action. A ToyTent original creation combining old and new science fiction themes.

Character toys are a popular theme in collecting. TV and movie characters from the turn of the last century onward have inspired playthings of all kinds.

Celluloid was the first practical synthetic plastic, developed during the late 1800s. By the early 20th century celluloid was a popular material for making toys. Fragile as it is, celluloid toys were easily broken. Finding vintage celluloid toys in bright undamaged condition is a delight of the modern age.

Toplay (short for Tokyo Playthings and commonly known as TPS Toys) was one of the most prolific manufacturers of mechanical tin toys from the 1950s onward. The T.P.S. logo is a hand with three fingers held up representing three original founders of the company, businessman Yoshio Udagawa, designer Yasuo Kushida and engineer Yukio Miyakawa. The company's whimsical and amusing designs are popular among collectors today. This TPS Circus Elephant from Japan has an exotic native rider and softly tinkling bell.

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